They forgot about me again.

They never talk to me any more. No sees me.

I'm invisible.

But no one usually talks to me anyways, so

why do I care?

It's not like I actually try get noticed, so

I guess it's my fault.

It always is.

Chapter 1 Edit

I pad through the bustling road. Everything, everyone seemed so happy and talkative, yet they almost passed through me. I am a ghost. A ghost of what I used to be. I don't try get noticed, so why do I care? I don't need friends. I never needed friends before I actually made one. Before I tried making a friends, I never felt lonely. I didn't need anyone but myself and my family. That's all. But when I made a friend, it enhanced my life, adding a spice to my plain life.

Then they made friends and forgot about me. I guess I'm just forgettable.

But then again, I don't do much. All I do is welcome people, comment, and just.... exist.

I just exist. Nothing more than a speck in the midst of a thousand other specks.

Some specks are beautiful.

Other specks are smart, floating.

I'm gray with a sheen of dull pink, along with a thousand other gray specks other different dull sheens.

I am that person that is in the crowd with those people.

And the dog just ran right into me again.